Suzy's Memoir

To all the people who I knew for a time but have since forgotten. I love you all.


Suzy's Memoir is a work of fiction about the internal emotions and power struggles that were faced by a woman from San Francisco who started a high-flying technology company in 1997 and then helped a controversial populist become President of the USA in 2004.

She goes on to do a reality TV show about AI research in the context of finding true love, and then she becomes president in 2032 after winning a simulated war against a really competitive tech guy named Fred.

Table of Contents

Preface by Suzy

Ch1: Cliché Course

Ch2: Hacker Hall

Ch3: Startup Street

Ch4: Political Poker

Ch5: Coding Colossi

Postface by Todd

Postface by Albert

Postface by Suzy

Appendix 1: Context

Appendix 2: TheSuzy


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